Sending Duo Logs to a Syslog Device

Duo Security is one of the most popular 2-factor authentication applications on the market today. All of the authentication and administrative logs are stored in the admin portal located at Up until recently, if you wanted to view the logs, you either had to log into the admin portal or use the Duo API to query your Duo instance and manually pull the logs. There have been some scripts that individuals have released to perform this API query, but recently, Duo released their own official version:


Hacking Finally Tops Healthcare Breach Causes

One would think that most data breaches were caused by hacking as those are the breaches that are always mentioned in the news. However, up until the end of 2019, Theft was still the top cause of breaches in healthcare according to data compiled from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights.


Introducing Pyoneer

Pyoneer was created to assist with the search for sensitive information while on customer engagements. The tool has been used in different scenarios, not just for penetration testing, but that is where the tools development began. Pyoneer’s base script was written overnight while sitting in a hotel room on an engagement. The idea came while completing another script, Spyder, to ingest a CSV file and mount shares, “Wouldn’t it be great to have something to automatically scan these shares?”. A quick search for an open-source tool turned up nothing, so I began writing the foundation of the script. It was in no way ready during the engagement and the development continued at home. It took roughly a week to complete the script.

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