Locky Ransomware Analysis

We have recently received two samples of Locky maldoc (malicious document) ransomware from a healthcare institution.  Ransomware is a devastating piece of malware that encrypts important files on an infected computer and demands ransom to decrypt the files.  We will examine two samples.


Top 10 Highlights of FDA’s Draft Guidance on Cybersecurity in Medical Devices

On January 22nd, 2016, the Food and Drug Administration released a draft guidance document titled “Postmarket Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices”.  (Food and Drug Administration).  This important document addresses the need for security throughout the lifecycle of several medical devices.  Improving medical device security is a subset of President Obama’s February 19th, 2013 Executive Order 13636 – “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity”.  


Protect your iCloud account with two-step verification

All Apple users need to enable two-step verification on their iCloud accounts if they have not already.  This protects your account by confirming your identity through a text message in addition to your password.  So even if someone steals your password, they would need to steal your phone as well to get into your iCloud account.


How to protect your email account with two-factor authentication

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What is the most important account that you own?.... Most people would say it's their bank account, but many underestimate the value of their email account. If someone gets access to your email account, they can often access all of your other electronic accounts including your bank, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, and more. With access to your email account, a malicious person can click the “I forgot my password” link on all of your other accounts. This password reset link usually goes straight to your email account that they already hacked! This is why your email account is so important and we will show you how to protect it with two-factor authentication.


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