Data Security Consulting

Whether you have a data security team or not, this service is for you.  Our team utilizes our vast experience in the data security industry to protect your company's information in the most cost effective way possible.  By no means does "cost effective" mean inadequate.  We have SAVED a significant amount of money at individual companies while INCREASING their security!


Penetration Testing

In our Penetration Testing service, we simulate real world attacks to test your defenses and fix issues before intruders find them.  Our team helps increase your organization's security posture by performing retests to ensure the discovered vulnerabilities are mitigated.


Virtual Security Officer

Organizations need experts to run an efficient security program, however experts are expensive and many organizations do not need a full time employee for this role. At Stern Security, we have a dedicated set of Chief Security Officers with many years of experience in organizations including complicated regulatory environments such as healthcare. As your virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), our team will develop and run your security program.

Healthcare organizations can list the assigned Stern Security vCISO as their "Assigned Security Responsibility" as addressed in HIPAA Compliance Part No. §164.308(a)(2).

Our seasoned vCISO can also help groom your data security manager as they grow into a CISO role. All vCISO offerings have the full support of additional Stern Security's staff as needed.



Today, most organizations measure third-party risk by emailing Excel questionnaires to their vendors, having back and forth questions to obtain more information, multiple meetings with the vendors and internal teams, and finally determining a risk rating for the vendor.  Additionally, companies have difficulty prioritizing internal security controls to increase security maturity.

Velocity is a cloud risk assessment platform that utilizes known security frameworks and regulations including NIST, CIS, HIPAA, FFIEC, MITRE ATT&CK, and Velocity’s own breach risk framework. Velocity was developed to solve two security problems affecting most organizations:

1. Measuring Third-Party Risk
2. Improving Internal Security posture

Velocity makes your team more efficient by handling the lengthy manual work and automatically calculating risk. Using the Velocity web application, an organization can send a Velocity vendor questionnaire and quickly receive a risk rating for the third-party. Instead of evaluating one vendor at a time, you can now evaluate hundreds. Velocity even estimates breach costs for each vendor!

Velocity is a product by Stern Security and is 100% developed and hosted within the USA.  Stern Security was a finalist for the 2019 NC TECH Cyber Security Award for the Velocity product.  Find out more at

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