Penetration Testing

In our Penetration Testing service, we simulate real world attacks to test your defenses and fix issues before intruders find them.  Our team helps increase your organization's security posture by performing retests to ensure the discovered vulnerabilities are mitigated.

Our highly trained team knows how to perform real attacks.  We have numerous "ethical hacking" and "penetration testing" certifications and have won professional ethical hacking competitions.  We not only perform the work, but we teach the classes on it.  Our Principal, Jon Sternstein, is the co-author of "Security Penetration Testing (The Art of Hacking Series) LiveLessons" published by Cisco Press.  We use this data security skill set to protect your organization.

Stern Security's Penetration Testing service includes several options:

Full Network Penetration Testing - Our team will perform a comprehensive penetration test of your internal and external networks. We will utilize the Penetration Execution Standard methodology in addition to our own tactics to conduct our review.

Social Engineering - Your employees are usually the first targets in an attack and must be trained in order to learn how to discover attacks. Our Social Engineering services test security awareness of your employees by phishing, USB Drops, and more!

Web Application - Your websites are public and constantly under attack by adversaries on the internet. Let's find the vulnerabilities before they do! Our team utilizes the OWASP methodology for analyzing web applications.

Mobile Application - Testing your mobile applications is essential to protecting your customer information on their iOS and Android devices. Our team will perform a deep analysis on the mobile application and it's communication with the server environment.

Physical Penetration Test - Physical security is a must in order to protect your assets in the office. In this offering, we'll attempt to bypass physical controls such as door locks, badge access, and more.