Vulnerability Scans

Have you ever scanned your business for security vulnerabilities?  Chances are, someone else already is.  Systems connected to the Internet are constantly scanned by malicious hackers for vulnerabilities.  We will do the scanning for you, assist resolving any vulnerabilities, and help fix the problems before someone else finds them.

We deliver an easy to read executive report tailored to your business, alongside a technical analysis for your security team!

We will give your company an easy to read report of the findings.  At Stern Security, we go above and beyond other security companies that provide "vulnerability scanning" services.  Instead of giving your company a vulnerability report from an automated scanner filled with technical garble and geek speak like others do, we deliver an easy to read report tailored to your business.  The report will contain information on how the vulnerabilities can impact business processes.  Yes, the results will also contain detailed technical information for those individuals that need them.  All findings are manually reviewed to reduce false positives and errors.

This service is also available as a monthly or weekly offering.  We do the time consuming work so you don't have to.