Data-Driven Cyber Risk

CISOs use Velocity to accurately assess internal & third-party risk, reduce risk,
and show ROI of security programs.
Velocity Cyber Risk Quantification Insights
Velocity insights
Velocity insights

Evaluate cybersecurity spend and
prioritize future investments

Velocity enables security teams to optimize costs and show ROI by tracking improvements in security posture.

  • Optimize cyber spend
  • Estimate resource usage
  • Show ROI
  • Project cyber maturity
  • Track security projects
  • Demonstrate product consolidation 
Third-party risk management (tprm)
Third-party risk management (tprm)

Evidence-based, Analyst
Verified TPRM

Analysts verify vendor data and evidence collection to give you the most accurate third-party risk management solution. Velocity combines threat intel, smart questionnaires, and automated audit report analysis

  • Evidence gathering
  • Automate SOC 2 Reviews
  • Analyst verified data
  • Set minimum requirements
  • Third-party breach costs
  • Vendor directory
Risk analytics
Risk analytics

Real time insights and automated

Velocity has an interactive dashboard that can be used to analyze your internal risk assessments with ease.

  • Internal risk assessments
  • NIST, CMMC, CISv8, & more
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Downloadable reports
  • Breach cost estimate
  • Track security progress

How it Works

Gain visibility into the true risk that your organization faces and receive
expert recommendations on reducing risk.

Internal Risk Assessment

Internal Risk Assessment

Measuring your organization’s security posture starts with a risk assessment.  Utilize 20+ security frameworks, evidence collection, and verifications from our analysts for your next assessment. Gain access to interactive dashboards and reports to show your maturity over time.

Internal Risk Assessment

Third-Party Risk Assessment

Security teams use Velocity to automate completing and verifying third-party risk assessments, freeing up valuable time. Our analysts collect and verify vendor evidence, giving you the most efficient and accurate assessments. Additionally, Velocity performs automated SOC 2 report reviews, sets minimum requirements for vendors, and tracks vendor breach costs.

Cyber Risk Insight & Recommendations

Cyber Risk Insight &

With Velocity Insights, companies can receive prioritized initiatives to increase security posture, cyber product recommendations based on a company’s unique environment, estimate costs, perform project planning, visualize impact of future security project initiatives, and show cyber ROI.


What People Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our amazing customers are saying. We would be happy to provide references to prospective customers.

After 30 years in the business, few partners have provided the value Stern Security provides.”

Kirk, CISO

Large Healthcare Customer

Velocity has been a game-changer for our organization.

Andy A.

Utilities Company

We trust Stern Security enough to stake our reputation with our community on their ability to deliver high quality service. Stern Security has always delivered for our community, and for our company.”

Chris, CISO

Internet Services Provider (ISP)

Stern Security’s penetration testing services have found higher risk and more relevant vulnerabilities in our environment than other service providers, even when the other providers were performing assessments at the same time.”

Zack, VP Information Security

Financial Customer

Doing the Velocity evidence-based risk assessment was sufficient in completing our remediation schedule [for a Fortune 500 client], and gave my team knowledge of gaps in our security posture.

Leo T.

Educational SaaS Company

Stern Security’s Velocity platform and service has saved me a tremendous amount of time doing vendor security posture assessments

VP Information Security, CISSP

Financial Customer

Shift the burden of Risk Management

See how Velocity can evaluate and quantity your cyber risk