Don’t let Third-Party Risk
Management (TPRM)
Hold Up Your Next Project

Security teams use Velocity to automate completing and verifying third-party risk assessments, freeing up valuable time.
Your company surrounded by vendors, some risky and some not

Shift the Burden of Risk Management



The average time it takes for a security team to assess one vendor


Breaches by third-parties

According to Security Magazine


Execs said third-party risk was identified after due diligence

According to Gartner

Document Checklist<br />
Yes - Data Flow Diagrams<br />
No - Technical Specifications<br />
No - Audit reports<br />
Yes - Penetration test or attestation<br />
No - Risk Analysis or Attestation<br />
Yes - Incident Response Plans

Get analyst verified evidence from your vendors

Don’t rely on self reporting, Velocity collects evidence uploaded by your vendors, contextualizes threat intelligence, and verifies all data. Get a full picture of your vendors security and empower your team to make informed decisions.

Vendor Name, Status, Score, Breach Costs Vendor A, Verified, 75, $5,000,000 Vendor B, In Progress, -, $10,500,000 Vendor C, Verified, 88, $2,750,000 Vendor D, Verified, 57, $8,000,000

Save time with automated vendor assessments

Vendor reviews take an average of 2+ months, and require a lot of back and forth from your security team. With Velocity submit vendors and we’ll automate reaching out to vendors, performing threat intel, collecting and verifying evidence, delivering status updates, and SOC 2 report reviews.

1. Assessment<br />
2. Evidence Collection<br />
3. Threat Intelligence<br />
4. Data Verification<br />
(continuous loop)

Continuous monitoring of vendors for accurate risk

Only reviewing vendors at initial contract is leaving your organization at risk, but most organizations don’t have the resources to review more regularly. Velocity automatically asks for updated evidence at least every 12 months, and continuously searches for new breaches and risks for each of your vendors.

Features & Benefits

Analyst Verified Evidence

Our analysts collect and verify vendor evidence from vendor interviews and threat intel data

600+ Vendor Directory

Quickly access completed assessments from our vendor directory

Vendor Status Updates

Always know the current status of assessments and automatically notify stakeholders

Third-Party Breach Costs

Track estimated breach costs of your third-parties based on the amount and type of data involved

Automated SOC 2 Report Reviews

No need to manually review SOC 2 reports again. Use our automated analysis to get a summary of the most important items

Minimum Requirements

Set minimum requirements for vendors to eliminate back and forth meetings and keep track of when vendors will adhere to your requirements

“Velocity has been a game-changer for our organization. Prior to implementation of Velocity, vendor security assessments required significant time and effort, only to produce results that weren’t consistent nor measurable. Internal assessments were managed through a myriad of spreadsheets. With Velocity, we have a tool that allows us to seamlessly transition from assessment to identifying where our time and money should be allocated to make the most improvement, as well as, produce reports to track and report on progress towards improving our security posture.”

Andy A.

Utilities Company

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