Virtual Chief Information
Security Officer (vCISO)

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Add a vCISO to your Team

While security expertise is needed in all organizations, a full time Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) may not be obtainable for every company.  Stern Security is here to help with our unique vCISO services.  

In our offering, we will help your organization achieve your cyber goals, but will train or help hire our full-time replacement when you’re ready. Our seasoned vCISO will prepare your data security manager as they grow into a CISO role. All vCISO offerings have the full support of additional Stern Security’s staff as needed.

Our vCISO services are bundled with a Velocity subscription to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and add incredible insights with cyber risk quantification.

Healthcare organizations can list the assigned Stern Security vCISO as their “Assigned Security Responsibility” as addressed in HIPAA Compliance Part No. §164.308(a)(2).

“Working with the Stern Security group our overall security posture has been significantly elevated thanks to their monthly consulting and reviews of our updates to our risk assessment. The folks over there are kind, knowledgeable, adaptable, and responsive. I would recommend their services to any information security or information technology team who could use some professional and applicable help in bolstering their security posture.”

Leo T.

Educational SaaS Company

Get a vCISO on Your Team

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