2023 Velocity Healthcare Data Breach Report

2023 Velocity Healthcare Data Breach Report

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Publications, Research

In its second annual Velocity healthcare data breach report, Stern Security has critically analyzed over 5,000 data breaches since the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) began tracking the information in 2009. Stern Security utilized data from their HealthcareBreaches.com website as well as published information from HHS to create this comprehensive study. Stern Security augmented the HHS data by investigating each breach in 2022 to fully understand the cause of the incident.

This report shows critical insights into healthcare breach trends over the past 13 years. It covers everything from the number of breaches attributed to ransomware to the number attributed to third-parties (business associates). This year, Stern Security has added a new breach categorization – the number of breaches due to analytics software including Meta (Facebook) Pixel. Once again, a new breach record was established with more healthcare breaches occurring in 2022 than any previous year. This report puts forth a detailed analysis.

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