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2022 Velocity Healthcare Breach Report

2022 Velocity Healthcare Data Breach Report

In its first annual healthcare data breach report, Stern Security has critically analyzed over 4,000 data breaches since the Department of Health and Human Services began tracking the information in 2009. Stern Security utilized data from their HealthcareBreaches.com website as well as published information from Health and Human Services to create this comprehensive report. This […]

Healthcare Cybersecurity
Breached Healthcare Records Surpass U.S. Population

Breached Healthcare Records Surpass U.S. Population

Healthcare breaches have recently reached a grim milestone. As of June 10th, 2022, the number of Protected Health Information (PHI) records breached has reached 341,995,928.  To put in prospective, this number surpasses the United States population which is at 332,759,097 (United States Census Bureau, 2022).  It must be noted that these numbers only include reported healthcare […]

Velocity Goes Freemium

Velocity Goes Freemium

Background Our company mission is to “Secure the Planet”.  This means that we aim to provide education and solutions that any company in the world can use to reduce cyber risk.  Our flagship product, Velocity, is a web application (SaaS product) which companies can use to evaluate their own cybersecurity posture as well as to […]

Authenticated vs Unauthenticated Vulnerability Scanning

Authenticated vs Unauthenticated Vulnerability Scanning

Introduction Not all vulnerability scans are created equal. The configuration of a vulnerability scan makes an enormous impact on your results. Authenticated vulnerability scans will provide much greater insight into an organization’s security posture than unauthenticated scans. What are Vulnerability Scans? Vulnerability scans are an automated process for searching devices for vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanners are […]

Healthcare Vendor Risk Case Study
Velocity Case Study: Large Hospital

Velocity Case Study: Large Hospital

Introduction Velocity helped a large hospital system quadruple the speed of vendor risk assessments, increase accuracy of reviews, create a continuous assessment process, and track internal risk using the Center for Internet Security (CIS), NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), and the HIPAA Security Rule.  Background The hospital was struggling to manually review hundreds of vendor (business […]

Top 10 Tips to Staying Safe Online

Stay Safe Online

Background Technology has dramatically changed almost all aspects of human life, giving us amazing communication ability, a healthcare revolution, financial opportunities, and safe energy, all growing at exponential rates. These benefits become risks if the technology is not made secure. At Stern Security, our mission is to secure the planet, business by business, industry by […]

Vendor Risk Healthcare Cybersecurity

Vendor Breach Threat – A Need for Vendor Risk Evaluation

If the SolarWinds hack taught us anything, it’s that the security of a company’s infrastructure is dependent on the resilience of their vendors. A breached vendor is a trojan horse that bypasses normal defenses and accesses the trusted areas of the network. Threat actors have cunningly discovered that a trusted vendor is often the easier […]

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